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3rd-4th Grade Girls
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3rd Grade Boys
4th Grade Boys
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Register for Tryouts for Information


If you are still interested in having your son, or daughter tryout for a winter season, please use the tryout registration links below to register for tryouts.  


  • We continue to monitor Illinois Department of Public Health  (IDPH), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Winnebago County Health Department (WCHD) guidelines, as we prepare for our winter season, running through February 28 for 2nd-8th grade. High school players may finish our season around January 31, so they can participate in high school spring sports, scheduled to start around February 15, if high schools move ahead with that season.  If high schools resume a basketball season prior to that date, we will pro-rate our season fees and conclude the season earlier.  
  • IDPH guidelines currently identify basketball as a Level 1 sport, which only allows non-contact practices, however, they recently stopped all indoor sports in Illinois. 
  • We will resume practices as soon as the State opens up that option. Once resumed, players will be offered one or two weekly workouts complying with current rules, in place at the time.  If basketball moves to Level 2, scrimmage during practice will be allowed. Most teams will practice on one weeknight and once on the weekend when practices resume. 
  • Teams will play in tournaments during the season. 
    • Tryouts will be offered to individual athletes, who must reserve a spot, once we offer them a tryout. Players who our current coaches are familiar with will not need to attend a tryout. Watch for an email with information.
    • Most rosters will be posted on November 30 or December 1. Parents will have 72 hours to register their son, or daughter. After 72 hours, we may offer the spot to another athlete, or a late fee of $30.00 will be added to the fees.  
  • FEES
    • Credit card payment plans are available through our office. We do not offer a cash payment plan.  
      • 2nd Grade Team $248.00 (4-6 Tournaments)
      • 3rd Grade Team $298.00 (4- 6 Tournaments)
      • 4th & 5th Grade Team $458.00 (6-8 Tournaments)
      • 6th-8th Grade Team $558.00 (6 -8 Tournaments)
      • 9th-12th Grade Team $558.00 (6-8 Tournaments)
      • If a player does not currently have a uniform $139.00
      • If a player does not currently have a practice reversible $21.00
        • 2nd & 3rd grade teams do not need a uniform, as they play in a numbered practice reversible
    • We will pro-rate fees if there are tournaments and/or practices not held due to COVID, similar to the amounts listed below:
      • $25.00-$35.00 for each tournament not played
      • $10.00-$15.00 for each practice not held
        • We will guarantee 12 practices, but if practices resume in a few weeks, most teams will have many more practices than 12 during the season.  
      • Teams playing over the guaranteed number of events, will have a lower refund based on the additional events.  This will likely only happen if a team plays about every weekend, which a few may.  

Call 815-601-CATS (2287) with any questions.

Mitigation of Risk Procedures For Indoor Training

  • Player Must Bring a Face Mask & Water or Sports Drink
    • Players Are Encouraged to Bring  One or Two Basketballs If They Have Them
    • Players Will Be Provided a Tennis Ball with Their Name On It The First Day & Must Bring That to Each Day of Training
  • Pre-Workout Screening of Trainer & Athletes
    • Social Distancing Markers for Entrance Line
    • Athletes Wait in Car Until 10-Minutes Before Session Starts
    • Must Wear Face Mask As They Wait In Line, Enter Building, Practice,  as Well As When They Leave the Building
    • Touchless Thermometer Used to Check Temperature Prior to Entering Building
      • No Athlete Allowed In With Fever or Symptoms of Illness
    • Player Will Use Disinfectant Wipe on Any Basketball They Bring to Practice, Prior to Entering Facility
    • Player Will Disinfect Hands Prior to Entering Building
    • Players Will Enter Through Door Marked "ENTRANCE"
  • Sessions Scheduled 15-Minutes Apart  and No More Than 24 Athletes & One Trainer In The Gym at The Same Time
  • Athletes Not Allowed to Enter Gym Until Previous Session Leaves Through Separate Door
  • Seating , as well as Touch Points in Gym & Bathroom Disinfected Between Sessions
  • Player Assigned Numbered Seat for Any Break , Will Go To That Seat When Entering Gym & Remain There Until Session Begins. No Change In Seating During The Session.
  • When Called In By The Coach For Any Group Discussion, Player Will Go To A Numbered Spot On Floor, Corresponding With Their Seat Number to Maintain Social Distancing
  • Maintain Social Distancing of At Least Six Feet During Break and Whenever Possible During Training
  • Athlete Will Disinfect Hands Prior to Water Break
  • All Drills Completed as Individual Drills
  • Shared Equipment Must be Disinfected Prior to and After Use
  • Player Disinfects Ball at End of Session
  • Player Disinfects Hands Prior to Leaving Building
  • Athletes Should Shower & Wash Workout Clothing Immediately Upon Arriving Home