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Our 2027 Girls go 2-1 this weekend!

By Wildcats Staff, 01/14/19, 3:45PM CST


Our 2027's went 2-1 in East Moline over the weekend. After struggling to score in game one, the girls lost by three. BUT in the second and third games, they looked like a new team and played up to their potential. 

Their court vision improved and they played more as a team, giving them dozens of opportunities to put the ball in an open players hands to get good shots off. And defensively, they played much more aggressively, including in a game against players who were much bigger and quicker. 

There is no doubt, that our 2027's are FULL OF ENERGY. And they love to laugh and have fun. The only difference between them and older Wildcat teams is that they quickly move on after a loss. Where going to try to keep it that way for awhile. As long as they continue to improve and their interest is maintained, there's no reason to dwell on a loss this early in a very long sports career. 

Great games girls!